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Starbucks: the perfect place to plan

Sunday was awesome! I met with some other creative women to discuss and plan our websites. There’s not much better than being able to be with others that inspire you and that you can brainstorm with.

I have already started on some absolutely darling sweaters that are for 4-6 lb dogs and one tiny puppy sweater. They’re perfect for autumn. I love the rich hues and the softness of the yarn. And the ruffles, who can forget about the ruffles. I adore the ruffles. I think they’d be perfect for Thanksgiving. Warm, classy but not over the top for while everyone eats.

I have been researching various stitches that may work and add just a little bit more pizzazz to the sweaters. I am also almost in need of hitting the yarn store again. I most definitely need to hit the fabric store too. So much fun searching through bolts of cloth and lace and buttons. Just thinking about it makes me want to run out right now, but DD has class and dinner had to be eaten. Maybe I’ll head out tomorrow.

One of the fabulous women I met with owns BonBonChihuahua and has the cutest, sweetest, most lovable Chihuahuas for sale.


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