Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Loch Ness Nessies

I am so thrilled! I just sent 16 Loch Ness Nessies to Inverness, Scotland/UK. I have been working on them all year here and there. There is this amazing Loch Ness Knit Fest coming at the end of September that sent out a request for knitted or crocheted Nessies. The plan is to have all the stuffed monsters all in one place and hopefully have enough for a world record. One of the authors I follow had posted about this event and I could not resist. Molly MacRae

She writes the most fun cozy mysteries. And she had a new series published. I will miss her last series though. 

I got the pattern from Raverly. I like to keep my yarn in a decorative box. This one is pink and has the Eiffel Tower on it. I was using the pattern so much that I just wrote the pattern on the inside of the box lid, so I didn’t have to keep up with papers or constantly turn my phone back on.  Eventually, I had the pattern pretty well memorized and had started changing it in small ways. Fatter tummies, longer tails, etc. For one of the Nessies I added fresh water pearls throughout the animal. That way she could look like she was from the bottom of the lake living like a mermaid.  

If anyone wants to go see all the Nessies check out the following site. It’s totally worth it. 


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