Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Quilt Festival 2016

I have finally recovered from all the excitement that is the Houston  International Quilt Festival. Quilts Inc So, now it’s time to dish!
As always the quilt show was amazing. Sunday was very quiet compared to former years. Handi Quilter still had free bags left by the end of the show.Handi Quilter Some years they run out the first couple of hours into Sunday. This did mean that I could look at each shop with leisure and without bumping into ten others. 

Sunday is definitely the day to go if you plan on buying a machine. The classes are finished and floor models that have only been open for at most 4 days and used only in the classes are deeply discounted. Many vendors are trying to move as much product as possible before having to ship it home. 

Even if you have no desire to quilt, have never touched a sewing machine, don’t even know what a quilt is, this show is still for you. The gallery of quilts is more like walking through an art museum. It’s quiet, no touching the displays and in a few areas no photographs. These aren’t your typical quilts, they range in size and shape. Many look like photographs rather than fabric. Others are so artistically designed to look like a painting. Others are mixed media masterpieces. From classic design, to contemporary to geometric, from muted tones to blasting brights there is so much variety to discover. 

I’ve got to give props out to the ladies teaching the children how to quilt. They were amazingly patient and allowed the kids to use the machines by themselves (obviously supervised). 

I was highly impressed by the creativity shown in the Hoffman Challenge quilts. Hoffman Challenge  I was very moved by the 9/11 tribute quilts and personalized squares for individuals who lost their lives. It made me reflect on how I would want to be remembered on a 12×12 square. 

I was disappointed to see that McKay Manor Musers were not there this year. They have the most adorable stuffed animal patterns and fuzzy quilt patterns. McKay Manor Musers

One of my favorite shops is now an online shop. Their brick and mortar shop closed after being flooded out by hurricane Ike. It is Quilts by the Bay. The owner is a wonderful, charitable woman always there to listen and help with projects. Quilts by the Bay

Another favorite of mine is Quilted in Clay. If you thought that quilting is limited to fabric, it’s not. The designer does intricate layering of clay until tiny quilts are formed. Quilted in Clay Even if you’re not into sewing, these are unbelievable. And they make great gifts for your crafty friends. 

Not to forget all the sewing machine and quilting machine vendors. My personal favorite is Baby Lock. Their machines are so user friendly that even novices have no trouble picking up and sewing. I am in love with mine. Baby Lock However, I did grown up learning on a Husqvarna Viking. 25 years later it still works just as well as when my mom first bought it.  Husqvarna Viking

Yes, my wallet came away lighter. And my fabric and pattern stash grew larger. I even got over 12,000 steps logged on my pedometer. Now I just have to decide if I’m going to enter any of the contests this year. 


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