Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Puppy Dresses

I just finished creating two new puppy dresses for my new BonBon Spring Line. They are absolutely adorable! (I would insert photos here, but between puppies, children and camera issues, I didn’t get any that turned out). The first two will fit 14-16 week old chihuahuas (approximately 3-3.5 lbs). 

They are made with Moda’s Bandana fabrics. I love Moda fabric! I use sewology thread that matches perfectly with this collection. I also used Sewology 11 mm buttons. Sewology is the Hobby Lobby store brand. 

Creating the pattern for these dresses has proved to be fun and frustrating. While working on a curved section of the dress, I kept trying to fold the fabric in half to cut out, ending up with a very unsymmetrical piece of fabric. It finally dawned on me (about 3 tries in) that I would need to cut out two pieces and just have seams all the way around. Such an easy solution if I had stopped thinking about how I thought it should work and try new solutions. 

The purple and teal dress includes a tiny sweet purple bow. I made it from scraps of ribbon left from making my daughter hair bows. The pink and teal dress has a fluffy pink flower right at the harness clip. 

I tested out a couple of fall sweater dresses I had made earlier this year (right after I finished Thur Loch Ness and my hands were itching for more yarn). I was thrilled and surprised how much the puppies loves wearing them. They were even cuter on than I could imagine. The puppy just romped and played like there was nothing on her. She did investigate the skirt for a bit but was quite content bouncing around the house. Hopefully the next round of photographs will turn out and I will have the most precious puppies decked out in fabulous dresses. 


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