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Etsy, Facebook and Photos!

I am so excited to finally have photos to post!!!

This is my Tiramisu Sweater Dress Spring Line. It’s a gorgeous turquoise and coral sweater with a cotton floofy skirt. This little puppy loved wearing this dress. It’s not too hot for a spring day and not so cold as to not be able to wear it at the end of winter (or through the fall). The skirt is so cute as it bounces along with the puppy! 

I was able to use puppies from BonBon Chihuahuas as adorable little models. (Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute?!?!)

I also finally got my new Etsy shop set up. I decided to move from my previous shop since it had been focused on little girl dresses, my sister’s paintings and tiny purses. The shop is Potato and Cupcake. I will be posting new items all week!

Along with my shop, you can now also follow me on Facebook. Also Potato and Cupcake on Facebook. I also have a cheery Pinterest page that has not only sewing, crafting and pets, but all the other exciting things I’m into also. (Like my passion for a pink cupcake decorated kitchen and an all natural outdoor kids play area including natural musical instruments). 

I also make custom pet clothes orders, so if you see something and it’s too small or too big, contact me for a custom order.


One thought on “Etsy, Facebook and Photos!

  1. Oh my goodness! Loving this dress and I can’t wait to see what else you have in the works, my last dress from you is so gorgeous on GiGi!!!


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