Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Secret Quilting

I was so excited to come on here and post pictures and plans on my current quilting project and then remembered it’s a gift and I’d hate for the surprise to be ruined. But, while I can’t post pictures yet… I can talk about it -in general terms. 

I’m working on my mom’s last quilt. I’m sure she had others planned, but unfortunately, they weren’t  written down. She passed away in September. And this quilt she had planned and even taken a class on to be able to do. Which, if you’d ever seen her quilts or sewing, you’d be surprised she was taking a class. She was a fabulous seamstress. 

It’s a paper piecing quilt. I’ve found that I really love the teeny tiny blocks rather than the larger ones. It is easier to make sure the pattern on the paper is covered in the small blocks, whereas just a little misstep on the big ones and suddenly there is a whole in the block. 

I’m working in my mom’s sewing room. It’s an amazing setup where you can just turn to cut and iron without getting up. She has attachments for her sewing desk that can hold all the current project’s things in it while not taking up space on the sewing area. And she has a huge rectangular ironing board and a large cutting table that is tall enough to stand at or sit on her specially made chair. (It’s made from a tractor seat and a metal milk pail and the most comfortable seat ever!) 

I’m working in her room because I am having to figure out which fabrics and papers belong to this quilt. I found some paper piecing paper that is much thinner than the regular paper that I had been using. (It’s what I found first). And it’s nice to be doing mom’s quilt in mom’s room. In a small way it’s like we’re working together on it. 

At mom’s funeral we asked people to bring the quilts she made for them to be on display. She made quilts for every new baby she heard about. She kept detailed records on who they went to, how much they cost, date finished, and pictures to go with them. She loves bright colors. She even did an origami quilt.  Here are a few from her funeral. The first picture is quilts on a table, followed by quilts on each of the pews. 


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