Come, Sit, Stay, Read

The fur is flying

I have been very busy this week working on my kiddo’s cat costume for the school musical. Anyone who has ever worked with faux fur and boas can tell you that there is not a lick of space not covered in fur and feathers. 

I had hoped that by using more fur than feathers, there’d be just a little less mess. But no such luck! Hours later, not to mention a shower and a change of clothes, I am still finding bits of fluff on me. I feel like I’ve adopted a new fuzzy friend to come live with us, which, I guess isn’t too far off the mark. LOL!!

I have one more fitting to make sure all the stripes and spots all look as feline as possible. 

I am so excited about the musical. I’m also afraid I’ll cry when all the kitties sing about being wanting to be taken home to a good home! It’s precious with mine singing and so sweet and heartbreaking with an entire stage of kittens. 


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