Make me one!

I was spending time with a couple of my favorite kiddos while I was crocheting. Boy 1 came up to me and asked what I was making. I told him, a dog sweater. His eyes lit up and he ran to his room to bring me his puppy stuffed animal and asked for a sweater for his puppy. So, of course, I started making a specialized sweater to fit his pup. 

Before I left, I had finished his sweater. All good. As the boys ran off for their nap, Boy 2 comes in with the puppy and asks for a sweater for it. I ask him well, where’d you put it? And as I lift my eyes to look for the sweater, I see Boy 1 with the puppy with the sweater and I’m holding the matching Boy 2’s puppy. LOL!! 

Here I’d thought I’d done so well, but totally failed in the awesome department. So, I know what I’ll be making the next time I’m over at their place!!


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