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Swirly twirly dresses

I paused the chaos of spring cleaning recently to quickly throw together a swirly twirly dress for my Little. 

We had run to the fabric store (Pinwheels and Posies) on our way home after a frantic afternoon of running errands a couple of days before. If there is anything more relaxing than a fabric store, I’m hard pressed to find it. Instantly the stress of all the running around just slid off my shoulders. My Darling had already listed off about a half dozen colors she wanted for her dress. We looked for a bit picking up bolts and comparing them to see how they worked with each other. Suddenly, we ran across the most beautiful dragonfly fabric in blues and greens highlighted in gold. My Darling Little wanted only greens and blues now, but I convinced her that a purple would make the entire dress pop. The three main fabrics are from the Dance Of The Dragonfly from Benartex by Kanvas Studio Line.

It took me right at 8 hours to complete, including cutting out. It would have gone faster except for a couple of times I had to rip seams. It has been about a year since I had last made this dress. The pattern is an Ellie May Designs

The skirt is a bit complicated as each of the 9 pieces are long pointed ovalish shapes that somehow line up and create an almost solid top and bottom of the skirt. There is also a really huge amount of gathering to make the skirt as twirly as possible. For My Little’s size, it took 5 5/8 yards of fabric in four different colors. 

It turned out so cute!! My Little definitely enjoyed spinning in her new dress. 


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