Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Mother’s Day Quilt

An amazing client called about a month before Mother’s Day and asked if I could put together a quilt for her MIL. I agreed and about two weeks later, I received in the mail, one of the best designed quilt patterns I’ve seen. 

First off, I have to say that the entire quilt was ingenious! She took 8.5″ squares and made handprint, footprint and finger print animals on each one in fabric paint, using each grandchild and child related to her MIL. 

The pattern has simple sashing in animal print. The most outstanding part of the pattern however, was that she not only drew it out on her computer, she then inserted the exact fabric image for each piece. It really made it simple to follow. And she’s not a quilter. She did let me do the math to cut the correct amount of strips and borders. 

The back is a panel from Joanns with borders using matching animal print as to the sashing. The corner pieces were from a jelly roll. 

I went ahead and quilted around each critter to make sure the batting wouldn’t scootch around or bunch up, even though it is a wall hanging rather than an everyday quilt. Then I stitched in the ditch for the rest of the quilt. It was small enough that I was able to do the whole thing, quilting included, on my Melody BabyLock. It gave me a good excuse to bust out my walking foot for the machine. If you haven’t tried a walking foot, I highly recommend it. It moves all the pieces together to prevent slipping. 

I would have preferred using Warm and Natural Cotton batting instead of polyester batting. The cotton doesn’t bunch as much and is easier to work with. Whereas the polyester provides a fluffier look. 

It was a quick and fun project. One that I’m thinking I will have to repeat! 


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