Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Yellow and Blue

I finally went out and got a new cross stitching project. My hands have been twitching for some needle work. It’s a gorgeous blue and yellow flower pattern. Hyacinth and yellow roses. So so pretty!

My little one has not been thrilled with it since it takes up my lap and attention. I just bought my Pumpkin a latch hook kit, which lasted about 20 minutes before it was “too hard and too boring”. At least I’m trying. My little one also spent about the same amount of time on the sewing kits I found at Hobby Lobby. I guess it’s like cooking spaghetti, you keep throwing it at the wall until something sticks. Let me clarify; keep trying new crafts with the kiddo until I find something that is intriguing. 

Otherwise, it’s been a nice relaxing start to the summer. We have plenty of plans for adventure and crafts. 


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