Come, Sit, Stay, Read

New Pups!!!

This week, I got to watch itsy bitsy chihuahua puppies being born!! They are absolutely precious! It was so sweet watching them be born. Although, seeing the placentas were really gross. 😝 (And finding out that mommy dogs eat the placentas…). 

Today’s project is making a doggy bed! My Little One picked out the fabric at Hobby Lobby.


It is so squishy soft!! Just perfect for new pups… or a tired momma dog.

I have a potential project coming up. A young friend of mine thinks that her father’s goat Jan desperately needs a dress. Her father isn’t keen on the idea, but I told her that if she got the measurements, I would make her a goat dress!! How cute would that be?!?! I will totally post pics as soon as I can. Oh, and she wants it to be pink!! I’m thinking something poofy and fancy! (Have you seen goats in pjs???? Totally adorable!😍).

Well, I have to get started on the pet bed, otherwise, I would stick around longer to write more. 😁


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