Come, Sit, Stay, Read


I am very excited to announce that my Pinterest page has hit 800 followers!!! If you’ve never been to my Pinterest page, you really should. I have tons of ideas on there! All organized in fun categories. 

Some of my favorites are: “Food: Pour me another” which has the most amazing drinks! Some of my favorites are: Lavender Lemonade, a refreshing new take on a summer staple, Hawaiian Mimosas, an orange juice free twist on a morning mimosa using pineapple juice instead, and Strawberry Iced Tea, a tasty treat for a hot day-although I do prefer iced tea to be made with a simple syrup, this way works too. 

My all-time favorite board is Dream Kitchen. It is a collection of Retro, Pink and Cupcake decor.

 For awhile, I had absolutely every cupcake decor pin I could find. I eventually had to start finding my own cupcake pins to make. What’s really special about this page is it has totally inspired my kitchen renovation I am very slowly working on. 

The most most useful boards, however, are boards are the kid related. I have used crafts, snack ideas and learning resources.   

And to celebrate 800, I am giving 50% off a purchase from my Etsy store on any non custom item. Just mention 800 Pinterest in your order. Valid until Aug. 1, 2017.


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