Come, Sit, Stay, Read

Back from camp!

You’ll have to forgive me for not updating sooner. I just got back from my little one’s first camp out. While she was busy roasting marshmallows, I was at a camp of my own. I got to sew for a week at Camp Tabi, the owner of the adorable clothes line Annie Banannie. I couldn’t believe how much she could get done while her little were running around under foot. An entire fall line got made! Unbelievable!! And it is soooo adorable!!

She has a very limited supply of the butterfly fabric since it is no longer being made. 

She made a back to school outfit. 

And Thanksgiving dresses! The figures are hand drawn by Pattycake Artworks. She is renowned for her pet paintings. 

Oh my sweetness!! Have you ever seen more adorable lacey creations before?!? I want one of her lace dresses for me!!

I was able to start a new line of Cat Quilts called Cocoa Cat Quilts. Named after one of my grandmother’s cats and following in my sweets named lines. 

I only had enough batting to complete one during sewing camp. But I did get quite a few tops started and nearly finished. 

I also started looking for other platforms to sell on. Etsy has gotten away from it’s handmade and vintage roots and has started allowing commercially made products to flood the site. I came across an article that mentioned Zibbet. It is a great platform that only allows artisans and handmade/vintage items to be sold. Not to mention, they give you your own site for free! 

I am loving my new zibbet account! It’s so easy to !! 

And if you need a puppy fix, BonBon Chihuahuas has a couple new litters! 


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